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Umai Nori - New Sushi Spot in Dupont Circle South

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Umai Nori Sushi just started their soft opening up near 20th and M, south of Dupont Circle. 


The soft opening menu is a little different, but they serve everything you'd expect. 

It's a cute little place...the bar and a few seats are downstairs, and there's a bigger dining area upstairs. 

I had a really nice bento box for lunch, and it was a great value at $23....can't remember last time I ate at a restaurant and thought that anything was a good value. 

Soup, Salad, grilled beef, Rice, California Roll, Shumai, and a big serving of first rate vegetable and shrimp tempura.

Everything was quite good. The sushi and rolls coming out of the bar looked beautiful, but I'm not a big sushi fan, so I can't comment on its quality. 

While I hate coming into the office, and strongly perfer working remotely, it is nice to see so many restuarants springing up in the south Dupont area. 

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