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Rose's Cookies & Soup's On

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This is the little counter-service place next door to (and attached to) "Oh Said Rose".

My SIL lives in Hampden, and I make it a point to go to this place everytime I go to Hampden. I love it. They serve homemade soups (the menu varies) and salads. The owner is this friendly woman who will chat with you about the recipes she's trying. The soups and salads are good. I'm not sure I've ever had one of the cookies, but on Saturday I tried a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting that was quite good.

Bottom line, it's a pleasant, inexpensive respite from the precious, too-too surroundings of Hampden (not to be judgemental or anything :lol: ).

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I love Rose's- great cookies- personal favorite is the oatmeal butterscotch.

She also has pretty darn good homemade chicken pot pies- delicious crust.

I also would recommend her lemon and lime bars which I understand she only makes on special occasions like Honfest.

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Was back in Hampden for over Xmas and learned that Rose's Cookies is no longer there. The owner (Rose?) moved to PA. However, Cynthia, the owner of Soup's On is still there, still making yummy soups and salads. She seemed fairly busy for 12/24, which made me happy.

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