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Smithsonian Resident Associate Classes

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The arrival of the January Smithsonian Associate was making me hungry, so here are a few day courses or events coming up in the next couple of months, from a variety of sources, that caught my attention.

Obligatory disclaimer: I list these only because they caught my attention; I have no business nor financial interest or connection with any of the classes or their sponsors. Heck, I'm not even going to most of them...

Jan 30, "Top Embassy Chefs at the Residence of the Ambassador of Afghanistan". Two hours. Smithsonian footnote states "directions to embassy residence sent separately upon registration". From the blurb, it's unclear why this item is titled chefs-plural; the only chef mentioned is Manhan Arefi, whom I presume is the chef at the embassy.

I couldn't find a URL for this, and it's not listed on the normal RA website. Call the Smithsonian at 202 357 3030 for more information, course code 1J0-136.

Feb 13, "Cooking Lesson / Le Marche region with Fabio Trabocchi". Three hours. Casa Italiana Language School hosts a six-part series on regional cuisines of Italy. For Feb 13 they've lined up Chef Trabocchi of Maestro.

Trabocchi link (Casa Italiana)

Feb 18, "The Varied - and Delectable - Viennese Table". Smithsonian is sponsoring an all-day seminar on Austrian cuisine at the Ritz Carlton, featuring Austrian chefs including two from MODUL and Nora Pouillon.

Viennese Table link (Smithsonian Associates)

Feb 20, "Direct from Vienna: Meet Chef Gottfried Gansterer at Circle Bistro". Smithsonian, self-explanatory. Brendan Cox hosts.

Gansterer link (Smithsonian Associates)

Mar ??, Beer Hunter Michael Jackson at RFD

Jackson link (RFD)

Mar 29-Apr 12 (consecutive Wednesdays) "German Rieslings: Coming Into Their Own". Smithsonian Associates. Terry Thiese and Christine Warner host three tastings at the German Embassy. Sessions are titled "Introduction to German Wine", "Regional Distinctions Among German Rieslings" and "The Impact of Terroir (Soil) in German Riesling".

Again no URL. Contact Smithsonian at 202 357 3030, course code AJ36.

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