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Enviga Green Tea Energy Drink


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I've been meaning to post for a while about this drink...I happened upon it a couple weeks ago at SFW on an end display. It's made by Nestea/Coca Cola, and I really don't care about the "energy burning" etc. aspects of the drink. I just like the idea of the green tea, sparkling flavor. So, at $1 per can, I purchased one to try...I've got to say that I am now addicted to the stuff. To me, it really reminds me of good green tea ice cream, with that bit of bitterness, and it has no sugar. And I have been known to hunt for good green tea ice cream, whether in SF or NYC. Unfortunately, good green tea ice cream is a rarity anymore. Sometimes I'll even put the soda in the freezer to get really icy cold and it reminds me even more of the ice cream. It also comes in a berry and peach flavor, but I haven't tried either of those. So originally I just wanted to share my discovery of a great new drink. Little did I know that it supposedly can have a negative effect on calories (if you drink 3 cans/day.)

I looked up the website and saw the tag line "Be positive. Drink negative" Maybe I should've posted this in the summer challenge thread, since they do market it as a calorie burning drink with EGCG! This one drink is not only tasty, but it is a conversation starter, and brings up many thoughts in my own mind; whether the study proves anything, how much is marketing bs (as the new trend these days is adding nutrients to everyday foods like Tropicana's OJ with fiber, or OJ with Omega 3 fatty acids added) and what everyone thinks about these types of additives to our everyday foods, not to mention whether one likes it or not.

All I know is I like the stuff. If it helps my metabolism, that's a bonus. Plus, the tag line reminds me of one of my favorite books when I was young The Phantom Tollbooth (subtraction soup, anyone?)

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Now you've got me curious!

I tried one of the flavored varieties (can't recall if it was the peach or berry) and it was NASTY!!! I was all excited and really looking forward to the Enviga. Was a total buzzkill.

I'm going to buy the plain version today and see if it's any better, or if it's just not gonna do it for me. I am a fan of green tea, and green tea ice cream (red bean also, yum), so I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

ETA: Plain version is much much better. May have found a new sipper.

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