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Guests: Become A Member - It's Free, and It Takes About Two Minutes


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One other thing: It's important that if you are a member, then you sign in during the day. If you don't want anyone to know you're signed in, just click the "sign in as invisible" button and nobody will see you on the members list.

There's a very good reason I ask you to do this: The Invision software has a bug with listing guests - sometimes when you click around, your IP address changes slightly, and you're listed as a different guest each time. For example, if you click on 20 things, you might be listed as 20 different guests. This actually has the potential to drive up the cost of owning the website. So if you're a member, please sign in as a member rather than hanging out as a guest.

And if you're NOT a member, please register and become one. Okay? Okay!



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