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I would like to recommend the Trinidad Gourmet restaurant in the Waverly neighborhood in Baltimore.

It specializes in food that is a mix of Caribbean and Indian flavors. The owners are really nice, and they are always happy to talk about items on their menu.

I particularly like their Curry Goat Roti - the roti is homemade and the goat was delicious - imagine a pancake with split peas inside filled with a large amout of curried goat with bones and tendon.

Their Aloo pie is also pretty great- it's a large bread, deep fried, split open and filled with potatoes and chickpeas.

I've also had their jerk chicken and oxtail stew. I like their sides like pumpkin and rice & peas.

They also have a great tamarind chutney to go with a lot of their menu items.

I have pics on my food blog here and here

Trinidad Gourmet

418 E. 31st St.


Baltimore, MD 21218


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