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Lilit Café, Old Georgetown Rd & Auburn Ave in Bethesda

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We've had the gelato there, a few sandwiches, and the crabcakes.

There is not a wide variety of gelato flavors and it is most definitely not made daily. It is served on the cold side. Overall, not recommended compared to the new place near Redwood (I forget the name).

The crabcakes are not recommended.

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Ok, call me lowbrow. Call me uninformed. I think the gelato at Lilit is to die for.

Maybe it's just a case of what Bette Midler used to say: "I have my standards. They may be low, but they're mine."

I find the gelato wonderfully rich and creamy, the vanilla very deep in flavor, and even the fruit flavors coming across really well.

for what it's worth....


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