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Dinner for Two Under $25

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I posted this question at Chow Hound, but posts seem to get lost among such heavy traffic there - I thought I'd post it here and let it linger for a while and get some of your valuable suggestions.

What is the best place in the Baltimore area where dinner or lunch is under $25. for 2 people?

On Tuesday evenings at Gertrude's in the BMA, you can get $10 and $12 entrees at Cafe Gertie's. The style is Chesapeake coastal cooking.

Another good place to try is Sobo Cafe in Federal hill. The cuisine is like fancy comfort food. All items are inexpensive,but yummy.

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I'd have to go with Helen's Garden in Canton on the square on Wednesday nights. It used to be $10 plates, but it might have gone up a little. My favorite is the pork chop au poivre. It's pretty much New American fare, but the dishes are usually $20-$30. I don't think they accept reservations on Wednesday though. So, go on the early side to avoid a long wait. Has anyone eaten there lately?

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