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DiRoNa Restaurant Week


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Just received an e-mail from Open Table re: DiRoNa (Distinguished Restaurants of North America) Restaurant Week Aug 22-26. Participating restaurants are offering special prix-fixe menus with proceeds going to Share our Strength.

Participating restaurants in DC are:


The Bombay Club

The Caucus Room



The Oval room

I Ricchi

Sam and Harry's

e-mail doesn't say how much the menus are or list courses...so I guess you're on your own for that!

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ok a quick look on the Equinox website found:

"Summer All Stars"

Equinox celebrates DiRona Week to benefit Share Our Strength

First Course

BBQ'd Yukon River Wild Salmon

Roasted Summer Corn, Avacado Salad and Varnum Street Basil

Market course

Eastern Shore Dream Melon and Spicy Arugula

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Shaved Parmesan Reggiano

Sweet course

Peach Amaretti Beggars Purse

Rum Caramel Sauce and White Peach Ice Cream

Truffles and Petit Fours

$70.00 with a portion of the proceeds to benefit SOS

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