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Kansai Sushi

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Yama is a reasonably priced, friendly, with good service and a family atmosphere. I can not ask for much more from a neighborhood Sushi joint.

Sushi Yama is usually packed whenever we used to go, so it was an absolute pleasure to discover Kansai Sushi. Paula and I have been going to Kansai at least twice a month since Marissa was born. They are also extremely friendly and family-oriented (they adore our 4-month old). The sushi is very fresh and the miso soup is good as well. We have only tried a couple of noodle dishes, but have been happy with what we get. The restaurant is never packed, which is good when dining with an infant, but I hope they stay around for awhile!

Kansai Sushi

128 Maple Avenue, West

Vienna, VA


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We have also eaten here a couple of times since it became Kansai (was Kobuki before). The fish is pretty fresh, but I have no comparison to Yama as they were rude to us once when we were told no reservation was necessary and then were turned away with quite the attitude upon arrival.

The only advice I'd give is to make sure you get the "good" waitress. She's the one who is always there. The "b" team player made the mistake of never putting in my 3 year old's order from the kitchen - Sydney was not impressed with a dinner consisting of miso soup and rice.

They usually have two to three sushi chefs working at a time, so it doesn't take long to get your order (something that the previous incarnation couldn't achieve).

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