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Beijing of Greenbelt

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I am on a quest for decent food near Greenbelt. I have already been to Siri Chef's Secret and, like some previous posters, I think it is a solid option for Thai. Hoping to branch out, I ate at Beijing of Greenbelt tonight, which was recommended in Kliman's chat last week.

The restaurant is located in the center of Greenbelt, next to the old theater. It's in an interesting art deco building, but inside it is decorated like virtually every other Chinese restaurant in the U.S. But what the room lacks in charm is made up for by the staff, who were friendly and attentive throughout my meal.

As for the food, I was very happy with what I got. I started with some spring rolls, which were fairly standard, but good nonetheless. After that I had Crispy Chicken with Seasond Salt, which Kliman also mentioned in his chat. The dish reminded me more of Chik-Fil-A than Beijing, but it was delicious nonetheless. The menu described it as "boneless tender chicken pan fried until crispy, with green onion, hot pepper, and salt," but the dominant flavor was regular salt and pepper. That may not sound all that interesting, but it made for a tasty coating, which was indeed crispy. And the meat itself was perfectly tender and juicy. The net effect was a dish that is definitely worth returning for.

All said, I liked this place and plan to return soon to try some of the more traditional dishes. I also would like to try their special vegetarian menu, which has about two dozen meatless versions of the typical beef and chicken dishes.

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