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Semolina & Farina


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Anna Blume said:
Semolina/Farina: Don't know, but I assumed so, since the stuff I had for breakfast is not what I'd add, raw, to dough for yeast-bread or pasta. Do you have a local source for a finer grade?

For the more finely milled semolina, I usually mail order it from King Arthur Flour Baker's Catalog.

But at the 7-Corners Grand Mart last week, there were two choices of semolina -- one finely-ground and one coarsely-ground (more like the size of Cream of Wheat). They were located in the Latin foods section and both pretty inexpensive. :(

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Thanks for the information! I had never thought of looking in Latin markets and there's a Bestway nearby. I've wanted to try baking bread w fine semolina flour.

I also had a hard time finding the product Old Red Mill markets as Farina (sold at Whole Foods & Yes; powdery, but not fine enough for purpose mentioned above), though I've recently seen small boxes of the milled grain in the cereal aisles at Giant.

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