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Burke Garden

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I went w/ my friend today to Burke Garden, a Korean-Japanese restaurant in Burke. Since it was my first Korean dining experience, she insisted we sit at the grill table & we ordered a bulgolgi lunch , & also a combo of bulgolgi, shrimp, & chicken. I was worried it would be too much food (it was the 2 of us, & her 5 yr. old daughter), but somehow, we managed to eat it all (I felt a little sorry, that we didn't have leftovers to bring to the kids).

We started w/ miso soup & a plate of what looked like green onions, & sprouts? in a soy-sesame dressing, that was delicious. They brought out about 10 panchan- cabbage kimchee, zucchini (or cucumber), seaweed, pickled radish,garlic, potato, something crunchy, something like jelly, sprouts, potato salad, bean paste, & lettuce leaves (& probably some more that I don't remember). & large bowls of rice. Lunch was yummy, w/ great service.

Most of the other people in the restaurant seemed to be getting the lunch box specials-bulgogi, sushi, chicken or salmon teriyaki, jae yook, galbi, tonkatsu, unagi, shrimp tempura, or sushi & sashimi (7.95-10.95), which included a salad, daily special maki, japchae, vegetable tempura, & rice-seemed like a good deal.

Having not had Korean food before, I don't know how authentic it was ( & it was basically grilled protein, w/ side dishes), but it was a great lunch, especially w/ the surprise mini snowstorm at noon. I look forward to trying more...

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