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Cynthia's, Severna Park - Closed

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#25 on Washingtonian's recent top 100. A full review by Kliman and a couple more pics here.

On the way back from the eastern shore, we stopped in for a light meal of appetizers and a dessert at the bar . I'm looking for an excuse to drive back here very soon. Starting with an amuse of a Venison "Hot Pocket" (a mini empanada filled with shredded venison with a venison demi-glace) and the excellent "Gouguenheim" rolls (they kindly gave us, as they did for everyone else at the bar, the full dinner treatment even though we were there just for appetizers and wine), the food we sampled was delicious.

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Lunch today:

Bread Pudding with Apples and Caramel Sauce - so yummy. I had a hefty chicken pot pie that could have used more seasoning, but comforting and enjoyable otherwise, with a pretty crust and piping hot. Ouch!

My companion loved the Chocolate Soufflé and it's elegantly simple presentation in ramekin with a dollop of vanilla chantilly. The choc-aroma wafted well. She praised her fish (snapper fingers) but the chips wilted under their own steam - trapped by the snapper.

I like Cynthia's. Our server was a sweetheart. I wish the dining room was warmer on this rainy day and that Cynthia's had some better and more interesting art. I wish Cynthia would sell her sweet delights from a storefront too.

BTW - Next door at Annapolis Seafood Market, live Maine lobster was selling at $11.99 per pound.

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Stopped in last week - used to go regularly but had not been in the area for some time. Started with a mini-salmon cake amuse, followed by lobster with butternut squash risotto (delicious) and the amazing toffee cake with butter rum sauce. Only complaint - white wine continues to be served too cold. This and Lewnes' Steakhouse in Annapolis are my two favorite "close to home" restaurants.

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Just got an email that Cynthia's is now closed.

From TS's WaPo chat today:

Cynthia's closing!: Just got an e-mail from Cynthia's restaurant that this saddened Severna Park resident wanted to share:

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." - Henry David Thoreau

And so we did in July 2006, when we opened Cynthia's. Together, we were doing something that we loved and enjoyed immensely, at a place that we put our hearts and souls into creating. Thus, it is with immeasurable sadness that we announce that the restaurant is now closed, just shy of its third anniversary.

Getting the doors opened involved countless hours, resources, and sacrifices, and there were enormous pressures that persisted day in and day out, as is the case for most small business owners. Despite favorable reviews, significant operational cost cuts, and making continuing personal sacrifices to keep the restaurant open, there were still considerable obstacles and costs working against us that we could not manage. Though it was devastating for us to come to this conclusion, it became increasingly clear to us that the restaurant could not be viable.

Thank you for letting us and the staff of Cynthia's share in your celebrations and dining experiences.

We have appreciated and will always value your generous support, and we are grateful for the encouraging words we already have been receiving from many of you. The memories you have helped to create will stay with us for many years to come.

Sincerely, Brian & Cindy

Tom Sietsema: Thanks for confirming the unfortunate news.

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