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Tally-Ho, Falls Road in Potomac

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you're right. Potomac Village, impossible spot for a restaurant, sky high rents, sky high customer expectations, ask the Potomac Deli guys," mission impossible.. Hunters across the street, just OK food, mucho dinero, and dirty@! yuk! and yikes. bezu, of course is the exception. they are of course above ground and in the other center where thers ample parking.

Is Tally Ho still in business? In the old days (dark ages) when I lived in Potomac it had about the best pizza around, at least on a good day. Almost on a par with the late lamented Louis' Junior in Silver Spring. I don't think I ever did succumb to Flaps, tho I heard it was pretty much as described above. Good food never was much a part of the Potomac experience.

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