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Hire Me, Please

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I am hoping to appeal to the supportive nature and solidarity of other DR.com members.

I recently resigned from my job as manager of Corporate and Foundation Relations at a health care organization. I am thus seeking employment, and was wondering if anyone on the board might know of an opening. I have a background in fundraising (mostly in the non profit arena), relationship management, and event planning, production and promotion, as well as a strong interest in food, wine, and the culinary industry. I am also interested in nutritional counseling and fitness. I have no objections to working in a restaurant- that said I have almost no culinary training, but I'm a people person and can sell sell sell.

If you happen to know of any openings, please PM me and I will send you my resume; or you can email me at brett.a.gerson@gmail.com. I will also be at the picnic on Sunday. I have seen how supportive this network of people can be and I'd really appreciate any help or guidance you may have.

With humble heart and much gratitude,


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