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My latest obsession is trying to go out to eat on less then $10 per person. Where and what could you get that is very good in the super cheap eats catagory?

Amsterdam Falafel. Pho. Teaism. Casa Blanca. Negril. Doesn't Washingtonian have a very cheap eats list?

ETA: oops, just noticed this was for Baltimore. In that case, I have no idea.

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Let me see here:

Atwaters - Soup/Sandwich combos

Attman's - Sandwich & Soup/Fries/Onion Rings/Coddies

Andy Nelson's - Almost everything is under 10

Pho - Either Pho Nam or Pho #1 (I give a nod to the former when I'm by myself/family/known pho lovers but I go to the second with new people because it's a much nicer place though still same prices)

I think Al Pacino/Cafe Isis places tend to fall right around the $10 mark.

If I think of more I'll post.

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