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Pansa Llena Mexican Grill

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I don't often wander this far out in the MD 'burbs, but the lawnmower needed to go to the Sears repair center. I wandered into this little taqueria near the Sears at lunchtime, and sensed an authentic vibe--lots of young Latino families, working guys, and not too many gringos were eating there. Like Chipotle Grill, you order at a counter, but they were then delivering food to the tables for people who weren't taking their food para llevar. The official menu has lots of gringo favorites, like fajitas, burritos, grilled chicken and Southwestern chicken salad, but the daily specials were tacos de lengua and carnitas, which were quite good, and reasonably priced at $2.50 each. They also were offering salmon and tilapia for tacos. Those lengua and carnitas tacos were all I sampled--didn't try the beans, the spicy salsa was one dimensional, factory tortillas--and I'm not suggesting that y'all drop everything and rush out there, but it might be worth further exploration if you find yourself in the neighborhood.

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