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  1. what happened at 15:40 ? Have a hard time believing that miss wasn't staged.
  2. It's been a while since I was able to turn into a neutral observer and simply admire a player regardless of team affiliations. A couple of Drogba moments come to mind in the past 15 years.
  3. Great performance by Ajax yesterday. I was impressed by them in the group stage as well as in the home loss to RM, but I didn't see this coming. This leaves a slightly more open field than in a number of years. We can begin to speculate after the quarterfinal draw.
  4. Looks like Cavani is injured; PSG not in great shape to face United. Big selection problem with Bayern. Muller is suspended, but that's actually not the biggest issue. Among Javi Martinez, Thiago, James, and Goretzka, it appears that Javi is needed to stop Liverpool's counters but putting him in gives up a valuable resource required for an absolutely essential away goal (or two), and doesn't actually stop Liverpool from scoring - it's a question of when rather than if.
  5. If there should be an England Russia semi-final, the English better bring their own water. Jan 21, 2005 - "Brazil Revive Drug Row after 15 Years" on theguardian.com
  6. There is more to it, apparently. A 4-year-older France crashed in 2002, but then an 8-year-older France, with many of the same players, made it to the final game.
  7. What does this tell us? Should WC-winning teams be put out to pasture and overhauled? Perhaps winning Confederations Cup with a so-called B team should have been a fat hint to Germany's team management.
  8. If Germany win 2-1, they better hope Sweden does not win 2-1 because they would be out due to Boateng's red card (all other tie-breakers would not yield a resolution).
  9. Time for conspiracy theory. It is in the interest of Poland and Columbia to draw this afternoon with lots of goals. 3-3, for example, with Lewandowski and James both earning hat tricks. Don't see the benefit of either one winning; would the winner realistically hope to advance with a draw in their last game, expecting the loser (who'd be out of the World Cup at that point) to win their last game decisively?
  10. You have to love the reaction of Panama fans after their only goal though. Last time England didn't even qualify while Costa Rica did from the same group.
  11. This is what I had in mind. https://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/soccer-ryan-bailey/maradona-thought-german-striker-ballboy--soccer.html
  12. Hah, not only did they do this with Howedes in 2014, but also with Boateng in 2010 if I recall correctly. Some reports say Germany doesn't hold their fate in their own hands, but this is not true: they are through if they win by 2 goals next week, regardless. They may still finish second in the group through (and probably will).
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