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  1. Thanks. If we don't get any other suggestions, we may change the night for our celebration to Tuesday and give Layalina a try! Works for me...
  2. Planning an 25th anniversary/birthday dinner for Monday night( Dec 21st)6 people, no more than $50 pp before wine...would love a restaurant that has delicious food AND festive, non-formal, Christmas-y feel... Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. What steakhouse is that? Best Thai and Indian, in your opinion?
  4. Ashburn area restaurants? Does anyone have any recent ideas for restaurants serving good, fresh food--other than the usual chains in Ashburn/Dulles/Sterling area? Need something that is not more than $15. an entree (moderately priced and not too fancy). Thank you.
  5. Hi I am excited to find your website. My husband and I have a hard time finding consistantly good restaurants in Northern Virginia, and have resorted to doing (better) cooking at home. Usually Italian or seafood. Look forward to posting and reading on your site. Thanks!
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