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Cointreau "Noir"

Joe Riley

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A blend of Cointreau orange liqueur with Cognac, and a walnut/almond element infused during distillation.

Cointreau Noir

Can't find a picture of it, but it looks like a normal Cointreau bottle only made of copper.

Not cheap, around $60 :lol:

Sounds like something I might like. Their corporate website makes no mention of it.

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I'm not the greatest taster in the world and didn't have that much.

But to me, it tasted like a richer, smoother Cointreau. Much more of a "by itself" drink than a mixer - in some ways, the mouth feel and the taste of it reminded me a bit of Creole Shrubb.

I didn't really notice any walnut taste to it, but I wasn't looking for it. I'd forgotten about that when I was entranced by the shiny bottle...

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As mentioned other-where, I am an obsessive collector, so after seeing it on the shelf at VA ABC I bought a bottle at Ace.

Errr, yeah...

It's really very nice as an after dinner drink. It has a complexity to it that regular Cointreau lacks, I feel, but a kind of weird cloudy tan color when poured over ice that I felt detracted from the drink overall if you pay attention to such things.

I don't know how it'd work as a mixer as it's almost - and I hesitate to say this word - too luxurious on its own.

Maybe I'll mix it the Vizcaya rum...:lol:

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