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  1. always enjoyed the Signatory Isle of Skye bottlings, and also all the items from Auchentoshan, and Ledaig
  2. you are better off buying half bottles from auction than from a retailer as you can probably find more vintage and esoteric items, as well as the usual from these venues.... winebid, winecommune for live, and hart davis hart, zachy's, blicker pierce for participating ones.
  3. this is why places charge so much for corkage, even if it is 10.00-90.00, it helps weed out the dimwitted people that thing they are pulling one over on you buy bringing in their own wine. for example, Sterling Vineyards Cabernet is what like 15-20.00, then you have to add the average 25.00 corkage on top of that , so you are already paying more for a bottle of swill when you could have saved your 45.00 and gotten a great bottle in its place at the restaurant of choice... go figure. I use that reference because I had to go buy 3 bottles of said wine once for a guest, bc we did not carry it, then we marked it up on the list for the guest 3 more times, so ended up at 60.00 by the end of the day. : ) all in the good spirit of drinking the same wine, everyday of the week... NOT! I think the biggest thing that would help eliviate the corkage dislikes, or surprises in a lot of cases on the check at the end of the night is fair wine list pricing. the days of 300% mark ups need to come to an end. a 2.0 to 2.6 is what I employ out here in LV, where you will find one of the most high priced lists, and wines at purchase from distributors in the country. go figure, call us "care to be fair"
  4. carnevino is overpriced. B&B is more rustic, and has some great pasta. if you are expecting Bartolotta to be full of pasta you are in for a disappointment. Bartollota is the best place in town for the freshest seafoods
  5. one of the best asian, not necessarily chinese on the strip is the place in Wynn. Osaka or the other one for dimsum. other more mainstream is in MGM next to Craft. and then there is the fine location of Jasmine which is just plain fun.
  6. such is the case with mature vintage Madeira. Opened a 1940 J.henriques Sercial a few weeks back, had it standing up right ever since, and it still throws a haze. all in the love of good juice though. seems like some of the fuzz will never disappear
  7. its amazing that they even created a law, or statute or whatever that prohibits an establishment from charging what they see fit for corkage, due to the loss of potential revenue from the diner bringing in their own bottle. the establishment should be able to charge whatever they want. go to French Laundry, and expect to pay 75.00. now alot of times it does get waved if you are the generous patron that likes to share, or understands they should also order something from the wine list out of courtesy and curiosity
  8. panevino is better, hands down. vintner grill is fun, and the food is good. but thin panevino is more structured in its delivery. Also, Rosemary's is top notch. Like it more than both
  9. We have been to Picasso three times this year and each time the menu is different... As far as Charlie's goes, they will probably close by the end of the year. Or at least would be wise to do so. They have a terrible location in the Palazzo behind the escalator, and gets no foot traffic, even when everywhere else is packed, they are just half dead. Too bad. The bar needs a bit of a warming touch too it as well. Food is great though, but that doesnt always make the place. Lotus of course last night was SOOOO GOOOODDDD! the jerkey is on point, as were the garlic prawns, and crispy rice washed down with an 88 Schloss Schonborn Erbacher "" "" Spatlese.. recommend having one if it is still there
  10. guess that is an out vote on the "better meal at L'atelier than Bouloud"!! but really, the places to go are the places that are not the spots that high rollers go to blow their winnings. One of the best places in town, that we love is Picasso, and it also has an amazing view of the Bellagio water show, "for free" the meal is not cheap, but way less than most, and you get to enjoy 70 million dollars worth of authentic Picasso paintings!! then the hidden gem, Lotus of Siam!! going again tonight!! the jerkey is out of sight! and the spilling of wine: had a waiter knock our bottle off and reply, "oh, not much spilled....
  11. they are not even the same category of dining places. Bouloud Brasserie is meant to be a GREAT bistro, with better than the usual bistro food, and one of the best views, and shows that are free in Vegas. staff is way nicer than l'atelier also. plus, L'atelier is by Robuchon, who owns the only three star Michelin in Vegas, and the l'Atelier is the hip, 'cutting' edge place next door that just gets to charge an obscene amount for its food, which is good, but not worth the price by any means, especially for the uncomfortable chairs you get to sit in at the bar. should have gone to Bartollota. or go there next time in town. call me first.. or email.
  12. try Lotus of Siam next time in town.!! it will take you to thailand on a magic carpet filled with delicious house made jerkey and all the riesling you can drink
  13. here it is in simple terms... "'It's now a buyer's market. Good wines are available at good prices and have come back into the buyer's remit. In the short-term traders may be cautious, but others will see it as an opportunity. There are some good deals available" (quote from Decanter) People have, at least the wise, have finally come to heart that paying over the reserve only benefits the auction house, not the buyer. as they pay out another 20% on top of the hammer price, taxing on the "tip" making the lot even heavier in price. it is about time that the prices have begun to fall as hopefully it assists with the primeur wine releases coming to a more even medium of release prices, rather than the gouging they have done in the recent years after the 2000 vintage. the time is right to buy for the cellar, or release some old gems, that you bought for a mere penny years ago. like the 75 la mission haut brion, if purchased before 2000 would have been a mere 250.00, or back in the 80's probably less than 50.00. now it goes consistently for 750.00+. go figure. same for screaming eagle (750.00 from the winery for mailing list clients) goes for 1200 avg. topping at 1500, or scarecrow (from the winery, 125.00) on the market 300+. crazy world. time to buy is now, if you know what to look for
  14. leading on the fact that drinking pinot grigio is burning a whole in your pocket, so the possible idea of switching to a varietal with a little more pizz-azz would make that 53.90 seem a little more worth your wild. other point being, drinking 'plunk' pinot grigio in a 'bar' where you are drinking jack and cokes, may not be the best idea. that is the number one wine that is over charged in 99/100 cases. costs $8-12 per/btl for the establishment, then they charge any where from $10-14 per/gls. sad but true
  15. thought it tasted of old oranges and musty oak chips. should have stuck with it as a mixer.bad grand marnier knock off
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