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Restaurants: Post Your Events Here

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To all restaurants holding special events, whether they're big, elaborate wine dinners, or simple happy-hour specials with $2 buds. Readers here want to know what you're doing, and if you send a PM to our Daybook Diva, monavano, she'll happily place your special events on our calendar for THOUSANDS OF VIEWERS TO SEE. (You may wish to read that last sentence several times.)

If you're worried about shilling for your own restaurant, here is a general rule of thumb to follow: Posting about two events a month is perfectly reasonable, and absolutely encouraged by me. You can post twice a month without any guilt whatsoever; if someone started doing it every day, it would obviously be a problem, but that doesn't happen and I'll worry about excess shilling if and when the time ever comes. For now? Please, share what you're doing with us. It's a win-win for you, for our readers, and for the vibrancy of the website. People want to know, and your presence here will only bring increased business to your establishment.

You can simply send monavano a PM if you don't want to start a thread about it in your restaurant thread, or you can do both. If your restaurant doesn't already have a thread, you can either start one, or post about the event in the Events and Gatherings forum.

Thanks, and we look forward to reading about your special events on the calendar.



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