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Gordon Ramsay in London


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Is this possible?

I'm heading to London in February and if we can snag a table we are going to check him out. Any advice on which of his places won't require a kidney donation or somesuch?

Many thanks..

I had a fabulous meal at the bar at Maze last summer. Not sure that he's ever there, but it is "a Ramsay restaurant", and my meal was excellent.
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The newest Ramsay restaurant is the York and Albany, which opened this fall and appears to be pretty reasonably priced compared to some of the others. If you're looking to save money, go at lunchtime - a lot of London restaurants will do a reasonable fixed price lunch that will give you some highlights of their menus. (Unfortunately, Ramsay's main restaurant is not one of the ones that does a cheap lunch - you'll definitely get charged full price there!)

In the mid-price-range, MBK mentioned Maze, which is another good bet; there's also Boxwood Cafe, which is slightly more casual modern British than RHR or Claridge's.

He's also taken over three historic pubs around London, one of which, the Narrow, has gotten really good reviews, but you could easily drop into one of those for lunch without booking a table.

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