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Vidalia Brunch and Breakfast, Late Night

RJ Cooper

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inaugural breakfast


chic filet

with hen egg and camembert 7.00

spicy pork sausage

with apple butter, sweet onions, hen egg and cheddar 7.75

duck confit

with duck egg and apricot mustarda 8.75


one eyed susanne’s

with potato rösti, sauce charon and country ham 12.50

chesapeake omlet

with crab, asparagus, fines herbs and potato rösti 15.50

southern sampler

with two farm eggs your way, grits and hobb’s bacon 14.00


mini muffins

with white truffle honey and bitter orange marmalade 5.50


with organic farm butter and formage blanc 4.75

fruit and nut breads

with black truffle honey and vidalia onion 5.00


orange, cranberry, tomato and pineapple 5.50

grapefruit 6.50


santa lucia estate coffee 4.00

espresso 3.75

cappuccino or café latte 5.25

hot chocolate 4.00

mineral waters

large sparkling voss 7.25 large still fiji 7.00

Inaugural 01-19-2009

inaugural sunday brunch 2009


butcher’s board

selection of patés, terrines and rillettes with pickled

vegetables, marmalades, mustards and breads 12.75

american caviars

with crème fraîche, herb salad, cornmeal

blinis and smoked trout parfait 18.50

warm carpaccio of wagyu beef

with black garlic rice pilau,

scallions and hot ginger oil 14.50

vidalia’s wedge salad

bibb lettuce with vidalia onions, apples, bacon

and bailey hazen blue cheese dressing 12.50

king crab tempura

with meyer lemon aioli, winter citrus-fennel

salad and steelhead trout roe 15.50

smoked virginia peanut soup

with surry pork sausage meatballs

and mustard green emulsion 12.50

caramelized fennel

with cara cara oranges, black olives

and fennel seed-olive oil purée 12.00

southern fried beaver creek farm quail

with lolo farm country ham, honey mushrooms,

rosemary biscuit and black pepper gravy 14.50

Notice: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may

increase your risk of food related illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.


shrimp and grits

wild caught gulf shrimp with yellow grits, white pearl

onions, andouille sausage and spicy shrimp cream 19.75

caramelized sweet onion flat bread

with everona farm sheep’s milk cheese, tasso

ham and path valley farm eggs 15.50

crispy pig tails

with pickled turnips, mutsu apple sauce,

deviled egg’s, frisée and rye jus 16.75

chicken fried steak

prime rib eye with whipped yellowfin potatoes, smothered

greens and creamy black pepper-wild mushroom gravy 19.75

chesapeake omelet

jumbo lump crab with white asparagus, fines

herbes and house made fromage blanc 21.50

bacon and egg

hog jowl bacon and caramelized sweet onion stuffed crêpe with

sunny side up farm egg and chicken liver fondue 19.75

southern griddle

two hen eggs your way with buttery biscuits, yellow

corn grits, country ham and huckleberry jam 18.50

saltine crusted fried oysters

with kennebec potato chips, fried meyer

lemons and vidalia’s tartar sauce 19.00

signature sides

smothered winter greens with smoked bacon, dried cranberries and spicy vinegar 6.50

heritage pork sausage with red wine apple butter and pecans 5.50

creamy anson mills grits with wild mushroom ragout 9.50

baked macaroni with cave aged cheddar and smoked virginia ham 9.00

with fresh shaved truffle…16.50

brunch 1-18-2009


paté of the south cheese, ham, onion crackers 4.25

giffy pop garlic and herb pop corn 4.00

big nosh

vidalia burger melted onion focaccia, smoked gouda,

smoked bacon, spicy ketchup, onion crisps 14.50

chix fried steak whipped potatoes, greens,

wild mushroom-pepper gravy 17.00

wiener circle north side dog with cheese

fries, chicago condiments 9.50

flat breads

obahma deep pineapple, ham, pepperoni, cheese,

and tomato sauce 12.50 (allow 30 min.)

mushroom…man mushrooms, garlic, reggiano 10.00

pig out andouille, tasso, pancetta, vidalia onions 9.00

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Is that brekkie on the morning of the 20th? What time does it start?

Jake, I can see you and I are thinking the same thing... I saw this and immediately thought "I know where I'm getting breakfast on Tuesday" :P Good question, though. Is the breakfast just for Monday? The post says "Inaugural 01-19-2009."

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Jake, I can see you and I are thinking the same thing... I saw this and immediately thought "I know where I'm getting breakfast on Tuesday" :P Good question, though. Is the breakfast just for Monday? The post says "Inaugural 01-19-2009."

sorry 730am to 1030 am

we are here all night for the days of sunday monday tuesday we figured if we have to eat you all have to as well

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