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Western Fairfax County - Group Of Ten


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Hi everyone

I'm arranging a GTG for my travel group. I'm trying to find something non-chainy with good food that would be able to seat about ten of us. Moderately priced would be nice - if we could get out of there for under 35 bucks a person including drinks and tips I think that would work out.

I'm thinking Vienna, Oakton, Reston, maybe Great Falls or McLean, maybe Fairfax? I live in Ashburn and two members live in Oakton, one in Reston, and the rest in Maryland so I'm trying to make the location user-friendly.


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flygirl, two places that come to mind are Bazin's (Vienna) and Hooked (Sterling). Also Tachibana (McLean) for shabu-shabu, Woo Lae Oak (Tysons), Mediterranee (Great Falls), and PassionFish (Reston) - the threads and websites are all clickable in the Virginia dining guide.




P.S. flygirl mentioned Bazin's above because I often PM users who post in this forum with my thoughts (Note to Guests thinking about joining: I'll be here to take care of you when you need help. :P).

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