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Cafe Gelato, Downtown Bethesda - Closed.

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I always liked their panini for lunch. Will have to check out the new group.

I am munching on a Rustica panini now and it is quite good. The mixed berry gelato I am also trying is good with really nice flavors, but I think it is being served too cold. Gelato, to me, should be served at a temp that allows the stuff to be somewhere between the consistency of 'ice cream' and 'soft serve ice cream' with far greater richness. I am letting my small bit come up to temp a bit before finishing the rest.

I'll be back.

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Stopped to have dessert first for lunch today. Mole gelato. Yes, Mole. It tasted pretty good and the temperature of the gelato was almost perfect this time. My only mistake was I went for pure Mole when I should have done half Mole and half something more tame (Vanilla, cream, etc) to keep it in balance.

Only minor complaint was that there were a few stray 'bits' of whatever was used in the making of the mole flavor profile in the gelato floating around. Not a big deal, just a mention.

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