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Fratelli la Bufala, 31st St. and Blues Alley in Georgetown

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The Washington Business Journal says this Italian pizza chain opened in Georgetown (1063 31st St. NW) on Thursday.

The restaurant’s pizzas feature mozzarella made from the buffalo milk that is imported twice a week from Italy. The pizzas are Neopolitan-style and the same dough is used in the restaurant’s sandwiches.

The restaurant also serves bison meat from animals who graze in Southern Italy.

Is anyone familiar with this place?

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Went to the South Beach, Miami location on Thursday night. Had the pizza Margherita, (of course) and the Capricossa. The Capricossa had canned artichoke, ( <_< ), and the "chiodini" mushrooms were actually white button mushrooms, not as advertised. Good tomato, good cheese, nice hand built Neapolitan oven. Dough was soft and easily folded into a "libretto", but kind of burned on the bottom and rather tasteless except for the char. These pizze were very wet, (as is common in naples) and the toppings were sliding all over the place.

It was a very authentic pizza, like some of the worst, (but still pretty good) in Naples.. This is a big chain with stores all over the world. Also, watch out for the 17% gratuity added to the bill, I didn't catch it and wound up tipping about 40% :rolleyes:

The wine was good. Don't order the bruschetta.

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