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  1. everybody is a pizzaiolo these days. Can 't say I didn't know this was coming, for years. Glad to hear it's finally open. Congrats to Mr. Conte and staff.
  2. eh, I'm still there. Maybe I was on a break. I do take them from time to time, somebody has to walk the dog. Sorry the pizza and cod fritters were just acceptable. I would have liked the opportunity to show you some of the fun things we were offering, like the Western Bay oysters from just right up the road at the head of island, or some of the awesome produce coming off the farm out back behind the horse pasture. Thanks for coming by.
  3. I make my own corned beef hash. It's very good. First I make corned beef Next I slice some potato, thinly some yellow or sweet onion Sweet has always been the crowd favorite I use yellow Now cook everything together for a long time put a lid on it flip stuff over from time to time cook If you can flatten it into a pancake it's ready cool cook Corned Beef Hash pancakes until they are crispy
  4. Have you heard BXI? It's Ian Astbury singing with Japanese rockers, Boris.. So good. Oh, they also cover The Cult song "Rain", and Wata, the female guitarist from Boris sings it. So Great
  5. We will be open at least until Columbus day, possibly longer. If we can create enough interest with the locals, we will stay open Thurs-Sat all winter with a short break in the dead of it.
  6. Ok. I've been looking at, and listening to this website for the last hour. Thanks fer the trip down memory lane, Pool Boy! Drone, Doom, and Goth are winning presently..
  7. I'll be returning to Sweet Pea's for the second year of operations.. Some difficulties with staff cut our season short last year. That's all sorted now. sourdough pizze and small plates.. sound familiar? If yer in the neighborhood stop in and say hi. We saw a few DC people last year and that was cool. Heard we missed a few in the fall too. Sorry about that. Been spending plenty of time getting to know the wife, kids, and dog again. Also picked up a couple of Black and White kitties. Hiking and swimming will also be in order as soon as this snow melts and the lakes get warm. Than
  8. Hey all, Hope I am posting this in the right place. [You are, and congratulations! DR] Just wanted to drop a line and let you know I am in Maine, about 5 miles from the heart of Bar Harbor. We have opened a little restaurant - Sweet Pea's Cafe - in a beautiful setting, on a farm. Osprey have been nesting on the property. We have a pig named Kevin Bacon that we will probably not eat. Goat, chickens, guinea hen, ... We have our own oyster farm, we are calling them Western Bay Oysters, they may be available in DC area, I'm not sure, but they are quite good. Here's our Yelp! review. So..
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