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Dining in Glover Park

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Chris, Glover Park resident for nearly 3 years. Kansas native via 7 years in NYC and Chowhound refugee looking for a more focused food forum. Georgetown university hospital employee.

Quick-hit Glover Park thoughts: Surprisingly few good dining options.

Heritage India: OK food, poor atmosphere.

Kitchen: New, more bar than restaurant, disappointing "hockey puck" sliders.

Sushi-Ko: Good, best experiences have been ordering many, non-sushi starter plates.

Bourbon: good drinks, food less so.

Whole Foods: often a default option, ranging from adequate to disappointing.

Bistro Lepic: It's been a while, but I've had good experiences here.

Kavanagh's: preferable to fasting.

Cactus Cantina: Kid-friendly.

2 Amys: excellent pizza, long waits, pizza travels poorly but the calzones are fantastic takeout.

My other take-out option is Amma Vegetarian Kitchen, with excellent potato dosa.

Enology: haven't been-is it good?

Georgetown university food:

Cosi has arrived! At last, we have the potential of an edible sandwich for lunch. And for university employees, the cafeteria at the French Embassy, memberships available, where dining options include steak grilled to your specification, rabbit, veal cheek, braised fennel, and good pastries.

I am surprised that you did not list Surfside at 2444 Wisconsin Ave NW (at Calvert). It is one of my favorite bargain joints of all time. Great food and fun.

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Rocklands might be worth trying, as well. I have friends who swear by their barbecue, but the one rack of ribs I've taken home from there was dry and a bit tough. Most of the sides I've tried were great, though. Even if the food there garners little praise from those with fancy palates, the wonderful, smoky fragrance it lends to that stretch of Wisconsin Avenue cannot be denied. Should Rocklands ever close, I shudder to think of what it would smell like. Probably the exotic bouquet of the Chevron station, blended with Good Guys.

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I am surprised that you did not list Surfside at 2444 Wisconsin Ave NW (at Calvert). It is one of my favorite bargain joints of all time. Great food and fun.

Agreed. Surfside really has a nice formula, especially for these times. A few others missing from the list:

-Town Hall, which ain't half bad for bar food or brunch.

-Shanghai Tea House right below Heritage. Oddly, Sietsema gave this place ** a little while ago. It's a nice enough, earnest restaurant. If I had a Chinese grandmother, I imagine this is what some of the food would taste like. But service was quirky, and do not even think about ordering a "smoothie," which was actually more like an Italian ice.

-One could also list Z Burger, which is what it is (Five Guys rip-off, and if you're ripping off Five Guys. . .).

-Finally, me love me some Max's.

My wife, son, and I just moved out of the neighborhood, but if we were still there, we'd be anxiously awaiting the opening of Blue Ridge in the old Busara space. Not sure what's going on there, but progress on the renovations seems to have slowed (to a halt?).

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