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  1. They do, but I think there's a difference between a few tablespoons of milk in a coffee and filling a large cold cup with milk on top of two shots of espresso.
  2. Much simpler explanation, I think. I suspect they don't want people ordering a "double iced espresso in a large cup" and then filling it to the top with milk. (This practice is so infamous at Starbucks that the drink created has a nickname, which I'd rather not repeat). If you want an iced latte, then they want you to pay for it.
  3. Thanks, all. Some great leads, here. And, yes, Carvel still exists with a bunch of area locations. Apparently, however, Fudgie the Whale is no longer a standard cake that they offer. What is Carvel without Fudgie the Whale?
  4. My soon-to-be eight-year old has requested an ice cream cake for his party. Anybody know where I can find one? Carvel is a fall back, I guess, but Carvel always tastes so. . .unlike ice cream. Thanks.
  5. That particular friend is very hard to impress and even harder to get to give up any control. She was skeptical of going to a place where she'd have no say in what she ate, but you won her over. An impressive feat. Also, I should give a quick tip of the hat to Rocks. I messaged him midweek to see if he had any recent reports on Rogue 24. He said he didn't, but he did reference a reliable and very positive review from a year or so ago. Helped convince us to take the plunge, and we are glad we did.
  6. Terrific 24-course "Journey" at Rogue 24 last night. One of those meals where certain dishes just keep you thinking about them for a while afterwards. All twenty-four dishes were not equally hits, but there were far more hits than less-than-hits (there we not true "misses" in my view). Among the dishes that most impressed us: Duck blood lavash/liver spread/onion marmalade: part of the initial plate of small bites that is the first thing to come out. The cracker, the mousse, and the marmalade work perfectly together Swordfish belly/blood orange/fennel/truffle: as good as any sashimi y
  7. Have you had fish from the Blacksalt market? I ask not to question your judgment, but just so I know your reference point. Saying it's better than WF isn't actually saying that much to me. Saying it's better than Blacksalt would be a significant statement (and almost hard for me to imagine since I've always been very impressed with Blacksalt).
  8. Silverman also spent time in the David Chang empire in New York. Maybe he learned something there and the pattern here will follow that of Ko, which did not accept reservations when it first opened but eventually transitioned over to a reservation system. I don't know where that transition point is, but presumably it's after the initial flurry has died down, at least a bit.
  9. After an absence of a few years, my wife and I found ourselves in our old Adams Morgan haunt on Saturday night. A few times around the block looking for parking, a conversation about whether this or that was gone or new, and a stop at Fleet Feet for running shoes, and we were ready for dinner. Between the snow and Valentine's Day, I suspect the opening of Roofers Union had escaped many peoples' attention, so we were able to get a last minute reservation despite it being Saturday night in Adams Morgan. First, a word on the space. It's beautiful. The second floor facade of floor-to-ceiling a
  10. I read things like this Young and Hungry piece by Jessica Sidman and wonder, "What the hell is wrong with people?"
  11. Kenji Lopez-Alt strikes again: reheat your pizza in a waffle iron.
  12. I suspect most of the local butchers have them (or can get them). I'm pretty sure I've seen them at Wagshal's, for example.
  13. Looks delicious. I prefer them fresh as well, but they tend to be a bit tricky to cook at my desk midday. Canned sardine and avocado sandwiches worked for Alton Brown. Forty-five pounds later, I can say they worked for me, too.
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