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  1. Central is probably my favorite all-around place to eat in DC, but at our last visit, the fries were soggy, our server was acting really flaky, and she had the nerve to accuse my wife of trying to run off with her pen as we were leaving. That was simply bizarre and leaves me a little less anxious to get back there anytime soon. We go there pretty regularly, and that was the first time the food or service has ever been less than perfect.
  2. Rocklands might be worth trying, as well. I have friends who swear by their barbecue, but the one rack of ribs I've taken home from there was dry and a bit tough. Most of the sides I've tried were great, though. Even if the food there garners little praise from those with fancy palates, the wonderful, smoky fragrance it lends to that stretch of Wisconsin Avenue cannot be denied. Should Rocklands ever close, I shudder to think of what it would smell like. Probably the exotic bouquet of the Chevron station, blended with Good Guys.
  3. First the Childe Harold, now Timberlakes. This is sad news. All the good old bars along the main drag in Dupont are going away What's next to go, the Big Hunt?
  4. That seems odd to me, too. I have to wonder if they have draught and bottle reversed. Then again, this being a ballpark, these are going to have to be plastic or metal bottles, or they're going to be poured into plastic cups at the point of sale. And I shudder to think of what they're going to charge for a 90 Minute IPA. $10 or more?
  5. I just discovered this place last week. They have one of the nicest beer selections in the city.
  6. The Zoo Bar is great for what it is, and unless you count Murphy's, which is always filled with hotel guests, it's the only real neighborhood bar in Woodley Park. The patio is a great spot for having a drink on a weekday evening, and that stretch of Connecticut Avenue is surprisingly quiet and pleasant around that time of day. But like WoodleyGrrl mentioned, the drink prices are more tourist trap than dive bar. Don't be surprised to pay around $6 for a Bass Ale. Pitchers are your best bet, if I remember correctly.
  7. According to their Web site, it appears that they've been made aware of the law since your posting.
  8. The quality of their products has been on a downhill slide since being bought out by Coastal/A-B, and I suspect that moving the Dominion products to Delaware hasn't helped matters. Dominion Ale was my regular after-work beer for years, but it simply doesn't taste the same anymore.
  9. In my experience, you usually have to ask for the bread basket if you're sitting at the bar, but they almost always bring one out if you're at a table or booth.
  10. I've been really enjoying the drink-related posts on DCist lately. There was one a while back with tips on how to properly age beers that I liked in particular.
  11. That Alpha King is amazing stuff. The P Street Whole Foods was carrying it for a short time about two years ago, but I haven't seen it since...
  12. So how's that Denny's over on Benning Road? Their ridiculously-oversized breakfasts were always a guilty pleasure of mine.
  13. Although the development isn't scheduled to open until mid-2010, there are plans to open a Dogfish Alehouse just a couple blocks from Nationals Park. link
  14. I don't think you can truly call yourself a fan of Bourdain if you haven't wanted to punch him in the teeth, or worse, at some point in time.
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