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Small Club meeting in Baltimore


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Need recommendations for a small (8-12 people) gathering that meets the following specs:

Must be in Baltimore or very near suburbs (Washington side)

Must be Italian

Cannot be expensive

Likely to happen on a Thursday night

This is more about the group meeting and socializing for 2-3 hours than it is about the food (gasp!).

Sabatinos and Amiccis have been proposed. Any current reports? Other ideas? Thanks!

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The Baltimore host of our group chose Sabatino's. The company was great but the food was dreadful. Horrificly overcooked pasta, gummy cheese, oddly metalic tasting marinara sauce, "please don't squeeze the Charmin" white bread...

The best thing about Sabatino's is that it's a short walk from Vaccaro's, where we went for dessert. Cannoli filled to order, pignoli for the ride home and and a few more to have with tea the next day, sfogliatelle for breakfast the next morning; gelato and a cream puff for MrP. I love Vacarro's.

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