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Fabric Room Dividers, 12 Feet Tall


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I wasn't sure where to post this, but assume those of you in the biz know what I am looking for.

I need a 12ft. tall fabric room divider(curtain) to hang from the ceiling of a new place we are designing.

I haven't decided on sheer or velvet, but for the life of me can't find anything online that isn't industrial.

Does anyone know the best place to find these online? or a company that you have used in the past?

Thank you so much.


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hey if you're still looking, just try some place like Pottery Barn online, or if you have trouble finding the longer size, maybe Smith + Noble? they do semi-custom for pretty cheap. Probably the cheapest best bet is to call a theater set designer, or a theatrical supply house like RoseBrand. they are the best, biggest, and ship overnight. all the fabrics come in long lengths, extra wide, and they'll add grommets and whatnot in a jiffy. if I had a sewing machine and a couple of hours, I'd do it for you.


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