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Parents' 25th Wedding Anniversary


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I'm looking for a place with great and perhaps romantic atmosphere in DC, Maryland or Baltimore. It is a really special day for my family and we would like to take my parents out in style. Any ideas? We're going on a Tuesday, and I wanted to take them to Volt and rent out the glass conservatory but it is closed on Tuesdays!

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Did you want a private room? I think the private rooms at 2941 are really nice, and while I have never had the chef's tasting at Volt, I think regular dinner compared to regular dinner 2941 was just as good. Equinox also has a nice private room and good food if you wanted a private room?

I also think CityZen or perhaps the Source would be nice.

To me Marcel's is really romantic and I love the food there.

And of course there are the normal Washington heavy hitters, but to me Citronelle nor Komi are very romantic. I guess it depends on what you think is romantic. Palena is romantic to me and soo good, but rather small for a group.

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