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Scoop Beauregard's, North Arlington - Closed

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It's a shame Moorenko's ice cream shops closed. I thought the Silver Spring location was still open, but I guess not. I know they still sell wholesale because I saw it at Ray's Hell Burger. I have yet to see it at Whole Foods.

At any rate, their loss is our gain! Everyone is welcome to come to our ice cream shop, Scoop Beauregard's Ice Cream & Coffee in Arlington, VA. We're right off Washington Blvd. If you come and ask for Toby, mention you saw this on Don Rockwell's and I'll even give you 20% off your ice cream! We serve homemade, superpremium ice cream, and we'll soon be making it on the premises. When I was in college, I was an ice cream maker for a local homemade ice cream company and also took the University of Maryland Ice Cream short course. With the weather getting warmer, drop by and say hi!

Lick locally, think globally!


Scoop Beauregard's Ice Cream & Coffee

Arlington, VA

Jeez, Toby, I make a point to read every post on this website, but for whatever reason I'm just seeing this one now.

Scoop's is a regular stop of mine for coffee (I go out of my way to avoid the Harrison Street Starbucks, and I prefer your regular drip coffee to Arax's). You serve M. E. Swing's, and I appreciate the fact that you don't leave the half-and-half sitting around getting all gnarly as the days go by.



P.S. You say 'homemade, superpremium ice cream" ... do you use any high-fructose corn syrup in it?

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