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El Cuzcatleco, Glenmont Shopping Center

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I still hadn't been to El Cuzcatleco, so I stopped in for a couple carryout dishes the other day. This sports bar is sitting right near the entrance to where Tuffy Leeman's Glenmont Lanes used to be (ah, duckpins, the game I grew up on, the game which is falling like, well, never mind.)

The manager happily took my order at the bar from a fairly typical Salvadoran-Mexican menu, and we waited at a table watching drag racing on one of the TVs. The order took awhile, so a kindly server brought us over a couple of Cokes, gratis, while we waited. It was mid-afternoon, and there were only about twenty people in El Cuzcatleco, a few playing pool, others sipping beer and having snacks. This is the type of heavily Latino atmosphere that might take someone out of their comfort zone, which for me is always a good thing.

Both Yuca con ChicharrĂ³n and Bistec Encebollado were $8.95, and each filled up much of a large styrofoam container. They were the products of a single young woman manning the kitchen (yes I said that to be funny), and were homey and filling while also showing some restraint. This was a large amount of food for the money, the kind of dig-in fare that makes you want to have a fried egg sitting on top of it.



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