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Eventide Rooftop Patio, Clarendon

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From what my bartender told me this evening, the Eventide Rooftop Patio will be closing in the next week, or two weeks, or whenever it gets too cold to sustain it. Thus, all beers are now discounted to $3 (at all times) from this point forward, including the Flying Dog "In Heat" Wheat which I had this evening. It's the best beer of a pretty weak handful that includes Miller Lite, but still, you can enjoy the waning moments of early-evening sunlight way up high, and do so a little a little more affordably. It's a lovely rooftop, and worth a visit if you haven't already been.

The menu is entirely separate (hence the separate thread), and features cold plates only, thus there won't be any temperature variations when the plates arrive. A smart and conservative choice, and very appropriate for the warmer seasons of Spring and Summertime. I'm glad I spent some time here; my previous visit was merely a walk-through (and I didn't realize there weren't any seats at the bar proper, so tonight was one drink and out.)



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