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de Chick'n Pollo, To Open in Columbia

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More Peruvian chicken is coming to Howard County -- this time Chick'N Pollo to the Hickory Ridge village center in Columbia, according to an email from someone who stopped by today.

Chick'N Pollo restaurant is apparently getting ready to open on the back side near the Dominos. The sign says that they'll carry Peruvian chicken and Mexican food. The woman who stopped by says it appears like it could open any time (although I remember waiting months for Fatburger!).

Pollo Fuego opened the first Peruvian chicken restaurant in Howard County last spring in Jessup. Until then, we had to drive to Mega Chicken in Laurel for chicken, yucca fries and the spicy sauces. I don't know how Chick'N Pollo will stack up against the places that people rave about. I'm hopeful. There is a Web site with the right address in the 6400 block of Freetown Road and the name "de Chick'n Pollo." For now, it looks like a dummy site because there are blank menus, photos of white tablecloths and china that can't be Hickory Ridge along with critical reviews commending the place that hasn't opened it. But I assume they'll add more information soon.

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Are you sure they're not open yet?

Because if they're not, they have some 'splainin' to do ... click.

Either that's a placeholder, or it's the most upscale Peruvian chicken place I've ever seen! And look, they're farm-to-table too!

We're committed to bringing fresh seasonal dishes to our customers. The produce, meat and dairy products featured here are procured from local farmers' markets and trusted vendors only.
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