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Mystery Cookie


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My Grandmother used to make holiday cookies that were very different from any others I've had. I have her other recipes but not this one. Any suggestions?

I believe they were essentially baked sugar of some kind.

Once cooked, they were round and very thin, with bubbles that remained after the cookies cooled and hardened - the bubbles made the surface texture a little like that of a rice krispy treat but wafer thin (and flat on the bottom). They were a dark, coffee bean color brown and were hard and crispy through, splintering the way peanut brittle might. Taste wise, they tasted pretty much like brittle without the peanuts, and though crispy going in, they turned gooey when chewed.

To make them, I only remember the 'dough' being pretty much a bowl of liquid, and to make the cookies we poured teaspoons full onto a cookie sheet. The liquid would spread to a point (maybe 2" round) and when put in the oven, they would bubble all over. I think once out of the oven, we had to wait for the whole cookie sheet to cool.

She was irish and lived in north jersey if that helps.

Any ideas? Links to possible recipes? My problem is I don't even know what ingredients to use in a search.

TIA! Jay

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