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Kooper's Chowhound Burger Wagon

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Baltimore is just taking it's baby steps into the whole food truck phenom with Kooper's Chowhound Burger Truck.

You can find the location of the truck for lunches usually on Tues- Fri, some evenings on Fri-Sat, and occasionally near the football stadium on Sundays via their twitter.

I went one day for lunch near Mercy Hospital- I got the MacGuinness burger- made with Angus beef and topped with cheddar and applewood bacon. I also ordered a side of 50/50 fries with regular and sweet potatoes. The burger came up very quickly- made about a medium well-well. I wonder if they start cooking the burger a little and just heat it up when orders come in to expedite service. I understand the idea, but I have had burger from trucks that, while you wait a while, make a better burger when you make it fresh. The roll on which the burger was served was substantial. It did feel like a burger you can get in a bar in town. The fries were nice.

While not quite gourmet, it's a decent option for lunch.


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Thanks for posting about this. Their website is here, which will direct you to their weekly schedule and daily twitter updates. Very much like our Fojol Brothers, without the schtick, it seems.

You can even prearrange for them to show up at your next event or office party.



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