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Viet House, Vietnamese and Pho Mini-Chain with Three Virginia Locations

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The kids FINALLY went back to school today, after a 2 hr. delay. Can someone explain to me why last night was the only time we've had a plow on our road?-a little late, if you ask me...

To recover from my snow servitude, I got a takeout order from Viet House today-Pho Ga (chicken noodle soup) & Cha Gio (spring rolls). The spring rolls were a little greasy, next time, I'll try the summer rolls, but the pho was just what I needed. Ample noodles, sliced white meat chicken, sliced white onions, chopped green onions, container of pho broth, bag of culantro, bean sprouts, thai basil, small containers of nuoc cham? & plum sauce? No sriracha or limes, but those are something we always have on hand here. I brought it home & polished off about a quarter of it, teenage son got home & devoured the rest (well, aside from some onions, herbs, & bean sprouts, I'll have to throw those in a stirfry). I haven't had pho in a while, but this has reawakened my craving for it (great for this time of year).

To celebrate my release from snow bondage, I plan on hitting Hunan Deli tomorrow for some bimbimbap & mandu, & I'm having lunch on Thursday, w/ a friend, at Katana, a Japanese restaurant on Telegraph Rd., near Hayfield.


Oops, editing my post, I found a tiny chunk of lime & some jalapeno slices hiding under the huge mound of bean sprouts, & I think the cup that had hoisin like sauce had some sriracha underneath it....

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After driving Tom back to school Sunday, we had lunch at Viet House in Fairfax. I had planned on Thai, but was outvoted by the kids. I wasn't terribly hungry. Lizzy got a large pho ga (& took home half), Tom inhaled his beef pho in an impossibly short time, the cha gio were oily (but I still enjoyed the leftovers for lunch today), & the waitress was very nice. I still would like to try the Thai restaurant- Tong Thai- in University Mall.

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