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Minto, Cafe and Deli in Annandale

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Minto is the first restaurant you'll come to on your right when you take Little River Turnpike from the beltway towards Annandale. It may be Korean-owned (they have bingsu), but virtually everything else on the menu looks like it comes from Mike's Deli at Lazy Sundae. It's essentially one flat-top grill.

Minto is a large space, with a lounge area (with free Wi-Fi) near the entrance, a tiny karaoke section with piano, and even a little electronics store (!) off to the side. An Egg, Cheese and Steak Sandwich ($4.29) was just as it should be with a competent grill cook behind the sandwich.

There really isn't much on this strip in the lines of traditional American office-building deli fare - I stopped into Le Matin de Paris, and all their sandwiches were pre-made and sitting in a cooler. If it's a turkey and bacon panini you're craving while working on your laptop, then Minto is the place for you. Service is courteous and pleasant.



ETA - Now that I've scrolled down to the bottom of that menu, I notice more extensive offerings than what I saw today - there must be a range behind the cashier area. P.S. Free delivery with $20 minimum ... who's going to roll the dice on that Gorgonzola Pizza?

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