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Severn Inn, on the Severn River in Annapolis - Picturesque, Expensive, Riverside Dining with Deck

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I met up with my Mom this weekend and we went to the Severn Inn for lunch so we could sit outside and listen to the waves crash into the shore underneath us. We had chardonnay and an umbrella to keep us shady and a nice breeze. Mom got a crab salad that was really good, crab salad served with sliced avocados, hard boiled egg and lettuce either for making cups, wraps or cutting up to be more of a salad. I got a chance to try it and the crab was nice and fresh and the flavors were very refreshing. I had a chicken sandwich on foccacio with mozarella, roasted tomatoes and peppers with pesto that was fantastic, the chicken was crisp and juicy and the whole sandwich was full of flavor and juice that got nicely soaked up by the bread. I was not expecting the lunch here to be near as good as it was, I was really impressed.

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The Severn Inn is a great spot. The view of the Severn/Harbor/Naval Academy is just stunning. And the bar is a really nice spot. It has a nice size deck, and big windows. The food is actually pretty decent for a place with a view. I had a pesto chicken sandwich there a while back that was actually great, fries were the odd type, almost like seasoned fries, but ok. Mom has a crab salad that was good. I think they do a fairly hefty brunch business. The inside is wood and airy, pretty nice, without being chinzy like so many other places on the water. Would be great at night or on a Thursday night during the sailboat races, if you don't belong to the Annapolis Yacht Club.

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Source: Baltimore Sun Food & Dining

Severn Inn of Annapolis [Pictures]

The Annapolis restaurant has settled into complacency


But, come on. Surely it's not always the case that a restaurant that provides views as beautiful and uplifting as the Severn Inn's — views of the Naval Academy Bridge, the Maryland State House and the Severn River itself — will turn out to be as much of a letdown as the Severn Inn was.

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