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DC Central Kitchen Vans Vandalized


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Come on by to Ray's: The Steaks or Ray's: The Classics on Sunday (Ray's: The Steaks at East River is already doing an event for Leukemia/Lymphoma Society that day) and we'll donate a straight 10% of gross sales to help get those vans back out there on the streets. Based on a typical Sunday that would be about $2000, so hopefully we'll get enough of you all coming out to make that a bit more.

On top of that, I'll have Mark pick out a special bottle of wine in the $40-$50 range at each restaurant that we'll donate an additional 25% of each bottle sold. Whatever that amount is I'll match out of pocket.

The work they do, and the people they serve, are too important and too crucial, too vital, to let anything get in the way.

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