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Mylo's Grill, Chesterbrook Shopping Center in McLean

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I stopped into Mylo's, a Greek-American restaurant, tonight with an open mind, and my young dining companion and I came away with mixed impressions.

Mylo's opened in March (I believe) in the now-defunct Dominion Restaurant space.

Happy hours include half-price beers, including bottles of Keo and Mythos ($5.95 regular price, $3.00 4-7 PM)

Homemade Pastitsio ($15.95) with layers of ziti and ground beef, herbs and spices, topped with Bechamel sauce, and served with a side of Greek salad, alas, came out cold. It took a fair amount of effort to flag down a server, and when it was finally heated up, it was good, although it benefitted from a few shakes of salt. An unreasonably small portion for the price, it was no bigger than the palm of your hand (without fingers or thumb) - picture that for $15.95! The Greek Salad was undressed, and had a ramekin of bland dressing sitting next to it. A very disappointing dish costing fully double what it was worth.

Ah, but the Mylo's Classic Ruben ($9.95) with in-house prepared corned beef with Swiss, sauerkraut, 1000-island dressing, on grilled rye, served with fries, was worth the price, and the highlight of the meal.

Our server said that they also make their pastrami in-house, and that it's sometimes served for lunch (you have to ask).

Overall, a somewhat disappointing experience, but not a disaster. I wouldn't rush back, but if someone tells me this place has turned the corner, I'll give it another go.

Worth trying, not worth repeating - that's my current assessment.



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