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Veronica's Bakery and Cafe, Four Area Locations

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I was attracted by the "Grand Opening" sign, and stopped in today to check it out. I'm glad I did.

Backlick Rd. is my favorite street name in Virginia, primarily because there is no Frontlick Rd. But in the region south of the Korean places that begin with Gamasot and run north into Annandale, Backlick Rd. is becoming a sort of running competition between very good Indo-Pak kabob houses and very good Central and South American restaurants. Veronica's Bakery and Cafe is a worthy addition to the latter group.

First, allow me to lobby to keep this little jewel out of the "Multiple Locations" dining guide category, where sense of place and neighborhood is entirely lost. Veronica's has two other locations, on Mount Vernon Ave. in Alexandria and on Piney Branch Rd. in Silver Spring. Please, DR, for the sake of all that is good and decent, allow the dining guide to include the little local chainettes that contribute greatly to "flavor" and character of the geographic locations we frequently consult.

Veronica's is a lunch counter type of restaurant, with a lovely display case of sweets and pastries right up front. The menu is extensive and Salvadorean, and it includes quite a few breakfast items, a large assortment of lunch items -- to include soups and Mexican foods alongside Costilla Salvadorena and Sandwich Salvadorena -- and a full dinner menu. I would recommend saving room for dessert, because this place has a nice assortment of sweets and pastries.

Website -- www.veronicasbakery.com

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