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Thank You to Sthitch and dcs


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I've often asked people to PM me corrections or suggestions for the Dining Guide. Well, sthitch did so yesterday, and helped enormously - he went through the second half of the DC guide (which I haven't given a thorough once-over in a year), and found the following new websites:

I went through the bottom half of the DC dining guide and found websites for the following restaurants. Also, while looking for these, I found that Yelp is reporting that Mar de Plata in Dupont is closed.

Lucky Strike: http://www.bowlluckystrike.com/home

Bar Louie: http://www.barlouieamerica.com/home/

New Big Wong: http://newbigwong.com/index.asp

We, The Pizza: http://wethepizza.com/

The Pug: http://thepugdc.com/

Horace and Dickies: http://horaceanddickies.com/

Souk: http://www.souk-dc.com/

Dickson Wine Bar: http://www.dicksonwinebar.com/

The Greek Spot: http://thegreekspotdc.com/

El Sol: http://www.elsoldc.com/

North Sea: http://northseadc.com/

Plum Blossom: http://plumblossomdc.com/

Super Taco: http://supertacosdc.com/

Level One: http://cobaltdc.com/levelone.php

Marrakesh Palace: http://marrakeshpalace.com/

This is a huge help, and the way he took the time to format it, made adding things EASY - the whole thing was changed in a matter of minutes. Thank you so much, Steve. Everyone please buy the man a drink when you see him! It's little details like this that make the guide an invaluable resource, and he took time out of his day to help us all.

Also, thank you to dcs, who not only just came up with a couple new websites in Virginia, but regularly does this.



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