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Noodles on 11, Thai-Owned Chinese Noodle House in the old Mazu Space near Mount Vernon Square

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Went today and thought it solidly okay for what it is. Not a destination for sure. But a reasonable spot to stop for a lunch if in the area.

Phos looked okay but couldn't bring myself to order that since this is a "chinese, thai and vietnamese" concept owned by Thais and my fave pho spots are all across the river in VA.

First ordered a kanom jeeb (shrimp and chicken dumplings) to start. These were surprisingly good. A bit thinner (and decidedly fresher) dumpling wrapper than found elsewhere. Likewise even the side shredded cabbage, carrot and sprout salad was crisp, nicely dressed and fresh. The sauce needs to be thicker and more generously applied but that's a minor point relative to the overall quality of the dish.

Then had a yellow sauce shrimp curry. Again pretty nice. This sauce was rich, flavorful and had a bit of heat--not too much. Only five smaller shrimp (maybe 30-35 per lb sized); the highlight of this dish, appropriately, was the noodles. They claim to make their noodles in house and I can't be sure whether that was true or not but the vermicelli were definitely fresh, firm and held up to the sauce nicely.

Total bill was around $20 with a cup of tea not including tip. Not a great value but not obscene. I'd probably head a bit west to Chinatown for a big bowl of even better, more value priced noodle or dumpling soup the next time but Noodles gets an OK.

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Tried a take-out order for lunch today. Hong Kong style noodles with roast pork. Called in my order, waited 10 minutes, and then walked the 6 blocks over.

Place was slamming and no one was working the door, with several groups waiting for a table. I flagged down a waitress, told her I called in my order. She went over to the bar and took care of it and off I went. Seriously these guys were doing crazy lunch business on a cold, damp Friday.

Overall I was fairly happy with it all. The noodles, maybe 10 slices of pork, and a small handful of greens came in one container along with a small container of soup. The soup broth isn't very complex, but on a cold, damp Friday it hit the spot. My other complaint would be compared to the bowls of pho and other soups I saw served at the restaurant my portion size looked small and I would have liked more noodles and greens. Next time I'll try something else.

I would say given a choice I would take the Hong Kong style noodle soup over at Full Kee, but for a take-out lunch order under $10 within quick walking distance of my office, not bad at all.

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