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What Are you Cooking for Valentine's Day?


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V-day dinner will be tomorrow night as my cooking schedule is pushed back a day, which means tonight's dinner will be what we planned to have last night--pulled pork Italian sandwiches. Tomorrow will be more formal starting with a nice salad with blood orange vinaigrette, grilled delmonico steaks with blue cheese, red wine risotto with butternut squash and Parmesan crusted asparagus. For dessert I think we'll share a whoopie pie, if we don't devour it tonight, that is!

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This is for Guys. Not sure how your +1 feels about cooking prowess, but in case it may be an important factor in your relationship, I pass along a tried and true suggestion. You should tweak this, but make sure you get either very young, small chickens or, better yet, real Cornish Hens or Poussins (available from Whole Foods). The amount of the cooking liquids of the sauce are approximate and you should taste to make sure the berryness and the sugar are there -- add a pinch of salt too. Can't guarantee a Happy Ending for your evening, but....

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